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St. Louis Wrestling Community

The wrestling news source of the metro-area.

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We support local independent pro wrestling in downstate Illinois and Missouri.
Attention those in Eastern Europe who are adding LJ communities to their journals at random - I'm not at all interested in your advocacy of left-wing causes. If you aren't at all interested in what we present on this site you should not join this community. You should find a community that caters to your political views, this isn't it.

The membership of this community contributes news, views, and information on upcoming shows in the St. Louis area, eastern Missouri and central & southern Illinois. Anyone may add this community to their friends list. Posting access to the blog would be available to approved contributers, applicants should apply with the community maintainers. Besides comments on blog entries, all other discussion would occur in the message forum for everyone to post on. Promoters are encouraged to post upcoming events in the forum.

Links to other midwest regional sites:
The Nose Bleed Seats - http://fb.com/centralillinoisprowrestling (closed)
Professional Wrestling: Central Illinois This Week - http://tiny.cc/pwci
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Chicago Pro Wrestling Message Board - http://chiprowrestling.proboards.com/
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Wrestling News Center (covers Mid-South region) - http://wrestlingnewscenter.blogspot.com/
Oklahoma Wrestling Fan Resource - http://oklafan.com
Carolina Independent Wrestling News - https://www.facebook.com/groups/carolinaindependentwrestlingnews/
Missouri Wrestling Revival - http://missouriwrestlingrevival.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/42300711727/
Pro Wrestling Roundtable - https://www.facebook.com/PWRoundtable/
My 1-2-3 Cents - http://www.my123cents.com/

Patrick's Fan Cam Site - http://www.tnaw.com/
The Rap Sheet Dossier - http://rap-sheet.tripod.com
Irv Mushnick's Wrestling Babylon - http://muchnick.net/babylon/
The Stranglehold Radio Show - http://www.thestranglehold.com/
Pro Wrestling Events - http://www.freewebs.com/prowrestlingevents
Pro Wrestling Links - http://www.freewebs.com/prowrestlinglinks
Absolute Wrestling Radio - http://myspace.com/awradio

Links to other regional wrestling sites:
http://carolinaindependentwrestling.com - North & South Carolina
http://www.socaluncensored.com/ - Southern California
http://www.floridaindies.com/ - Florida

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